The Dover to Calais ferry crossing is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to cross the channel by sea, whenever it suits you. Leaving port on a regular basis, you can leave and return again when you want, which can be ideal for those short weekend breaks from southern England to enjoy some time in northern France.

As far back as 1841, there has been a ferry route across the channel from the UK over to France. Originally the ferry was put in place as a way to sustain the link between trains on the UK side of the channel and trains over in France.

These days the Dover to Calais ferry is far more convenient and more comfortable than ever and Dover to Calais ferry prices are very affordable meaning that you’ll have more to spend on your holiday.
With the capacity for passengers to enjoy shopping, dining and even recreational facilities on board, the short trip across the channel can be done in well under two hours.

Why Dover to Calais?

Most people believe that the Dover to Dunkerque (Dunkirk) route offers more convenience for access to various destinations around France. However, the Dover to Calais ferry travels only 21 miles across the channel, so it can often be a faster crossing at around 70-90 minutes. The city is also the gateway for many quaint old towns scattered across the French countryside.

There are many great things to see and do in Calais before heading off to other French destinations. If you’re only crossing the channel for a quick weekend break, then there is still plenty to keep you occupied in this small city without having to go too far.

As the city is only relatively small, it’s easy to explore it on foot and still get to see plenty of sights. If you bring your car across on the channel ferry, then you have the convenience of being able to get around easily without the added cost of car hire.

Getting to Dover

The Dover docks offer convenient transfer points from the bus, train and road. You’ll find the ferry to Calais leaves from the Eastern Docks. If you’re driving to Dover, you’ll notice several prominently marked signs to the Dover Ferry Terminal, but the official address is:

Travel Centre,
Eastern Docks,
Kent CT16 1JA

Remember that you’ll need to arrive in plenty of time to check in. If you’re taking your car on the channel ferry, then you may need to arrive 30 minutes before departure. Passengers on foot will need to check in 45 minutes prior to departure. Whatever your method of transport, the Dover to Calais crossing offers a quick route to continental Europe.