Dover to Calais ferry prices can vary, depending on when you book, how you book and when you travel, so take some care when booking your trip and you could be saving money.

Crossing the channel from Dover to Calais by ferry is often the cheapest way to travel abroad. While the prices of ferry ticket can vary a little, there are some things you can do to get the lowest fare possible.

Book Early

Many booking agencies tend to offer special prices for passengers willing to book early. If you already know well in advance when you want to travel, you might find that by booking early, you’ll be able to book the lower priced tickets or take advantage of any special deals running.

This can sometimes represent a significant saving on the regular Dover to Calais ferry prices.

Different Seating Options

Most ferry companies offer different seating options. If you’re on a tight budget and simply want to get across to the continent quickly, then a budget seating option might be the ideal way to take a short holiday. However, if you prefer something a little more stately, the ferry prices will increase a little in return for upgraded levels of comfort.

Choose Your Travel Times

Some booking agencies will charge higher prices during peak season travel as compared to the lower fares available during quiet times. While it may not be possible for you to choose when you’re able to take time off work, you may be able to benefit from the slightly cheaper ferry prices during the off-peak season by taking a short day trip or even a weekend getaway.

Taking the Car

Obviously, if you’re travelling on the Dover to Calais ferry as a foot passenger, the price is going to be a little cheaper than if you take your car. While it might sound expensive paying for your car to be taken over on the ferry, you’ll find that the convenience of having your own mode of transport once you arrive can often be far cheaper than hiring a car at the other end or relying on public transport to get you where you need to be.

Book Direct

Both P&O Ferries and Sea France offer quick, comfortable trips across the channel.

Book Online

When you book your ferry ticket online, it’s possible to save some money on the regular Dover to Calais ferry prices. Many online booking outlets offer discounted rates that may sometimes be cheaper than paying the prices offered by some travel agencies.

The Dover to Calais ferry prices will fluctuate, depending on the time of year you’re travelling, whether you’re taking the car or not and may also change depending on if you’ve chosen a budget or first class seating option.

When it’s time to book your tickets, keep these things in mind and you should find that no matter what option you choose, travelling to the continent by ferry will still be a significantly cheaper way to travel. The Dover to Calais ferry prices are easily better on your budget than the cost of airfare!

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